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ANIMATICS - (‘æni.mætiks) n. U.S. U.K. advertising jargon. - A limited sequence of animation frames, produced to convey the concept of a television commercial. A short, cost effective animation. An animated storyboard.


Here is a list of all the pages at http://animatics.co.uk/ in one easy to use site map.

The animatics home page.

daviz cartoons home:
illustration storyboards retouching.

__illustration portfolio:
__the daviz cartoons illustration images.


______London regional Transport




______Booby Booster

______Oxford University Press


______the meaning of life

______contact details

__storyboards portfolio:
__the daviz cartoons storyboard images.


______shweppes 02

______canderell 02

______maryland biscuits


______pizza hut

_____-walkers crisps

_____-canderell 01

_____-shweppes 02

___retouching portfolio:
___the daviz cartoons retouched images.



______anchor butter


______the complete arse





animatics portfolio:
the animatics home page.


___-_character development



contact details:

The old (1998) daviz cartoons Web site:
Back by popular demand, my first website is back after an absence of 5 years..apparently the old folk liked it!

Jamie Drums Massive recovery:
a cartoon novel about creative visualisation...huh!?

_____What's it all about...Jamie?



_____the Serious Bit

My old portfolio:
Where is my real portfolio? It went off to a London ad agency in 1999 and I've not seen it since.





















How to draw a dinosaur:
That boy of mine has been bugging me to draw him a dinosaur again...





_____A cure for male patent baldness

Hair loss treatment:
The daviz cartoons hair restorer nostrum.

contact details:
email me..or phone, but contact me!

Some of my favourite links.... I’ve been on a dark journey!





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