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ANIMATICS - (‘æni.mætiks) n. U.S. U.K. advertising jargon. - A limited sequence of animation frames, produced to convey the concept of a television commercial. A short, cost effective animation. An animated storyboard.


Here are some links (in no particular order,) to my favourite websites.

Cartoon Conspiracey!

image ripper
A great utility for finding images on the net.

A directory of wonderful things. Updated throughout the day.

Reg Wright Ltd
For all your design and print requisites.

Dan Babei  - Painter and Decorator
Panties and Decortators???

Not 1000, not 1002, 1001 free fonts.

macca is dead?
Dead? I didn't even know he'd been ill?

avex press
It's Mick!

Hey Dave, thanks for the advice, do you know George? He lives in Brighton too.

George Dillon
Got some great anti spam advice from George an actor and webmaster.

Animation Backgrounds
Just gorgeous background art.

classic british TV ads from the 60's 70's and 80's
Ah, nostagia - not like it was in my day.

ian hunt
What a guitarist.

fanatic scooters
Hey! I did that!.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe
I love this bit of video.

Lorem Ipsum
If you need some body...

facial beauty and divine proportion
The Golden Ratio

facial proportions of beautiful people
More Golden Ratio.

mango falls
This guy found an old camera in a junk shop.... There was a film in it...he had it developed....

wedding toppers
Waynee, Waynee, Waaynee, Wayneee.

Dave Jeffery's tv logos
BBC Clocks and stuff.

WHat the... !

This Ordeal
My..yes Wayne, MY BAND!

Linda Clark illustration


Pete Christie

western signs and ideograms

timetunnel retro clipart

famous locations


personal-computer tutor

modern mechanix.

the assanination of John Lennon


three blind mice

tsa consulting

dehavilland aviation

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